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Colin Hay

Colin produced Science Fiction book illustrations from 1970 to 1980. These are amongst his favourites.

Some of these illustrations shown were for book jackets by John Wyndham, James Blish, Bob Shaw and Vernor Vinge.

Other authors he produced covers for included Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov (Editing a series of anthologies), Ursula K leGuin, Howard Berk, Edgar Pangborn, Paul Anderson, John Sladek, Ian Watson, Clifford D Simak and Philip K Dick.

" The airbrushed content of all these illustrations was done using Non- Light Fast inks and will therefore fade quite quickly when exposed to daylight. Prices for the original artwork is included only for the benefit of COLLECTORS who might want to own the original artwork.
Digital Prints (unframed) can be made available for display at £30. (45 cms x 30 cms approx – may vary according to proportion of artwork)"

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