What is the Answer?

Gouache Painting

This painting shows a figure sitting chained to a desk with an abacas in front of him. He has blank eyes and ears, a stopper in his mouth and he wears a dunce's hat and a clown's ruff.

He represents the majority of us who are regarded as lesser persons by those with authority over us such as a pupil or an employee and the ignorance of accepting that he is somehow inferior.

He is shackled by the restrictions of time and place (school or workplace) A slave of society serving a life sentence to make a living!

He puts his hand up to answer a question- but he may never get a chance to answer it.

Limited Edition
High Quality Signed & Numbered Prints
Maximum of 500 prints
310gm German Etching Paper

(including Postage)


© Gavin Bonnar



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