(on-line since 4th October 1996)

Chameleon Design is the business name I gave to the freelance graphic/ illustration work in 1988 whilst studying for my degree at Edinburgh College of Art College (1987-91).

Whilst at art college I noticed a lot of highly talented people putting all their efforts into their final year degree show. This was their big chance to meet future employers, be noticed by galleries and to sell work or gain commissions. Equally, this was the only time the public, galleries or agencies had the chance to see these artists' work.

The degree shows, however only last for two weeks and then the artists take down their work, leave college and go off to try to make it on their own. The sad fact is, many talented people then pursue altogether different careers, which is a tragic waste of talent.

I had thought about how useful it would be if the art college was a centre for business and the artists provided a creative service to the public all year round. A central place where the public could buy, commission and browse artworks from a variety of disciplines. It wasn't until the internet came along that the idea could become a reality. The web was the perfect solution and can be accessed by anyone at anytime and from anywhere in the world. is a way to provide an unlimited exhibition space on-line. Allowing artists the opportunity to show their work to a world-wide market of art lovers, clients, buyers, agencies, galleries or future employers.

This website has benefits for everyone, who can resource talent from a wide pool of professional artists, buy an original painting or print, even commission something custom made to suit your specific requirements. Commission Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Website designers, Sculptors, Ceramicists, Painters, and Photographers- almost anything is possible - just ask exhibits work from some already well-established names and many of these artists have gained sales or commissions through this site and as a result there have been many satisfied customers. I am very proud of the high standard of work on this site and I intend to keep this site spiralling onwards and upwards, adding more artists and extending the range of services offered. Providing a wider choice for visitors whilst giving exposure to more talented artists.  

Best Wishes
Gavin Bonnar
(Site Author)