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Between the End of 1996 until late summer 1998, Myself, Gavin Bonnar allied with World War II Vetran Greg Moodie, struggled through an intense two year Tour of Duty in a seemingly impossible battle to produce 3d animations and graphics for the 12 hour documentary series that is Battlefield Vietnam.

The promise of fame and fortune and
of a sometimes elusive pay cheque at the end of the month was what kept me going through the gruelling jungle that is Lamancha Productions.

The General was AWOL and the commanding officer was ruthless and demanding, and we would often have to redo hundreds of stills or even rebuild a 3D model of an exact landscape. Although with retrospect what seemed like chaos at the time was all part of his masterplan and a stoke of genius.

Though I am still haunted by flashbacks of Khe Sahn and waking up in the middle of the night shouting out the height in metres of Dong Tri mountain.

Looking back, now the war is over the pain and anguish is only a memory and like, (I imagine) giving birth would be the end result has been worth the labour.

This page shows a few samples of some of the graphics and animations produced.

At last the impossible became a reality and Battlefield Vietnam was completed and delivered to PolyGram International. It is now shown regularly on PBS television and on the Discovery Channel and video sets are available through TimeLife.

music by Dave Galbraith 1998 ©

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