£50 one-off Joining fee
(20% Commission on sales)

We welcome all artists to join this website and we are keen to expand the range of work exhibited. We would love to include; Sculpture, Jewellery, Furniture, Animation, Calligraphy & Glass amongst the services already offered.

Benefits for Artists
Unlike most galleries, artists exhibiting on the internet have their work accessible to everyone around the world at any time. This has obvious benefits for artists and their clients.

Artists don't need to have any knowledge of computers or the internet.
Just supply the images and text and it is all done for you.

Artists can gain all the benefits of a prominent web presence without the hassle and expense of setting up their own website.

Artists have their own individual address, so your page can be accessed directly form their portfolio page-

Artists have their own e-mail address: (
(All enquires come through Chameleon Design and are forwarded to the respective artist)

Artists may have their own website, but there are still obvious advantages in expanding your visability on the web. The more presence you have on the net- the more chance you have of being found. has been online since 1996 and has high listings in the major search engines. (try searching for participating artists names)Why only take out one advertisement when you can have more?
Few advertising options offer so much for so little cost! (compare the cost of taking out a black and white business card sized ad in your local paper for one day!)

Being a part of a collective site of specialist artists is good for raising awareness of your work and your name. People browsing the site are likely to be doing so because they have an interest in art and design and people who view one artist's work will be likely to look at more.
Artists who join this site are in good company. Chameleon-Arts prides itself in the high standards of work we display and we host the works of some well known contemporary artists.

Chameleon-Arts encourages artists to let others know about the site.
Use the site to show prospective clients or buyers your portfolio of work,
Tell other artists who may be interested in joining the site about the benefits.
Artists can benefit from Chameleon Design's advertising and direct links and refferrals from every website created by Chameleon Design.Artists set their own fees and prices for their own work -Prices displayed should include the 20% commisison, so artists get the price they ask for.

Because of the low commission artists can sell work at realistic (not gallery) prices.
Artists can use the talents and services of others on this site if they wish, or even share commissions, skills, knowledge and information.

What Do You Get?
All artists have their own Portfolio Page which could contain up to 20 images (full colour) and around 150 words of information about yourself and your work.

Each image on the artist's portfolio page can link to individual pages containing a larger vesion of the work and information such as size dimensions, medium and prices.

The site is easy to navigate and each page has links to the Portfolio Index, Gallery and Enquiry Form and Shop All artists are included in these pages with links to their individual portfolio pages.

The Gallery section of the site is where artists are represented collectively by subject- (all the illustrators are represented on one page for example).
One image in the gallery links to individual artists Portfolio page.

The Shop is a new section of the site where buyers can pay with their credit/debit card or via paypal. Only work that is 'confirmed' to be for sale can be listed here and artists are required to notify Chameleon Design if any advertised work is no longer available for sale.



Up to 20 pages linked from your main page
  (showing enlarged images and information about each piece of work)

Cross Referenced links throughout the site
  (Portfolio, Gallery, Sitemap, Enquiry Form & Shop)

internal e-mail address
  (Client enquiries are forwarded on to your own e-mail address)

Only 20% commission charged on sales through the site.
• Free Updates to your page anytime.
  This helps to keep the site fresh and the work current- (allow 2 weeks)
Chameleon-arts takes a 20% commission on any sales of work gained through the site. Artists can cover this cost by adding 20% to the prices given. Some Galleries charge up to 50% commission or more.

How it works
Clients can contact Chameleon Design through the site, (by direct e-mail or via the enquiry form). They may indicate a preference for a particular artist's work.
(If they don't indicate a preference Chameleon Design will contact the artist or artists most suited to the commission).

Artists are not obliged to accept work and all artists set their own prices or fees.

Once a sale is made or a price acceptable to both parties client and artist are then put in contact with each other.

When a sale is made or the commission is done, the artist is either paid directly by the client which means they retain 80% and 20% is paid to Chameleon Design. Or else Chameleon Design is paid directly by the client and 80% is paid to the artists.
Subsequent commissions through the same client is also subject to commission.

Supplying Images and Text

Digital Images
Send images via e-mail or by post on CD/DVD in preferably .jpg (jpeg) format.

Tiff, PDF, Pict, Eps, Bmp or Abobe Photoshop or Illustrator Format are also acceptable as are Flash or Shockwave animations, or Quicktime or Avi movie formats.

Images do not need to be high resolution as they will be downsampled to 72ppi at approx 200 to 400 pixels high.

For downsampling please send images at about 400pixels high at 150ppi.

Non Digital Images
If sending images by post, send clear photographs or original artwork in a flat hard-backed envelope or cardboard tube. Images are scanned inclusive of set up charge.

Please remember to include postage fees to return artwork.

Your Text Information
You are free to say whatever you wish, general information about your work is typical. You should use this as an opportunity for self promotion. Supply text preferably in digital format by e-mail. Otherwise send clearly handwritten or typed text.
Please also include details as to title, dimensions, medium and price for each piece of work submitted.

Other Information is open to expanding the range of subjects on offer to include other creative/artistic subjects such as: Multimedia, Printed textiles, Copywriting, Printmaking, Calligraphy etc..
We would also like to see other subject areas grow: Graphic Design, Ceramics, Jewellery, Furniture Design, Glass, Photography, Animation and Sculpture. If you are interested in joining the website please get in touch. Chameleon Design can not guarantee that artists will sell work through the site, but many do and there is equal opportunity for all.

Contacting Chameleon Arts
When e-mailing or writing please include your contact details-
name, address, telephone number and e-mail and if possible a sample of your work as a .jpg attachment or .pdf file. You will be contacted shortly afterwards.

Contact Information

Chameleon Design
76 Paterson Park

Mobile 0780 488 9450